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Advanced Certificate in Applied Horticulture

Learn to achieve More through Horticultural Applications to Real World Problems.

An opportunity to learn to:

  • Identify lots of different plants
  • Understand the differing requirements of different species
  • Choose appropriate plants for different situations
  • Have a positive impact on the environment
  • Better manage a horticultural enterprise


Advanced Certificate in Professional Horticulture

Up-skill to be a better, more Professional Horticulturist

Professional horticulturists are a varied bunch. They may be horticultural business owners growing produce, managing a nursery or running a garden service business; or they might be a teacher, consultant or work in the horticultural media.

Whatever your final destination though, decisions you make today always affect opportunities that emerge tomorrow. 

Associate Diploma in Horticultural Studies

A broad based and flexible qualification for anyone seeking to make a career of horticulture, and looking to study beyond certificate level. 

An excellent foundation for a life long career in horticulture. This course provides a broad based foundation to allow you to adapt to and work in different sectors of the industry, as a technician, business owner, consultant, etc.

Horticultural staff need to have a strong foundation in both science and plants. They need to know:

  • What affects plant growth (Soils, nutrition, water, temperature, pests etc)
  • Cultural Techniques (Propagation, pruning, planting, shelter, etc)
  • Plant Knowledge (Plant family characteristics, classification system, etc)
  • Whatever is in vogue at different times throughout your career, this course will prepare you to move into and adapt to working in that part of the industry.

Diploma in Horticultural Science

Learn about the science of horticulture.

  • Understand botany biochemistry, soil science and the technology that underpins modern horticultural practices 
  • Substantial training to work in the application of science to horticulture
  • Relevant to both amenity and production horticulture (Gardening or Crops)

Diploma in Rural Horticulture

Learn to cultivate plants for amenity or production in rural places.

For a start, land is usually more plentiful and not so expensive in rural locations. Unlike city and urban environments, rural places may be less polluted, but also vulnerable to different types of pest, disease and other problems. 

Foundation Certificate in Garden Planning and Development Level 3

Principles of Garden Planning, Construction and Planting
  • Learn about garden planning, construction and planting
  • Find a job, start a business, work in landscaping
  • 150,000 words of unique course notes developed by our staff
  • 200 hour self paced course
  • Support from an international team of highly qualified horticulturists and landscape professionals based both in the UK and Australia

Develop your ability to describe the principles of using landscaping and other specialist garden elements in the garden, landscape construction, garden design, survey techniques, specialist garden and urban planting.

Foundation Certificate in Plant Growth for Horticulture Level 2


A highly desirable certificate for both amateurs and professional gardeners and horticulturalists.  The course is comprised of four units:

  • The Plant Kingdom (Unit 1)
  • Plant Nutrition, The Root Environment (Unit 2)
  • Pests, Diseases and Weeds (Unit 3)
  • Sexual and Asexual Propagation (Unit 4)


Student gain a strong foundation in horticultural theory and practices.  A highly recommended course for anyone seeking to enter this field as a career.

Foundation Certificate in Residential Garden Planning and Care Level 2


  • Self paced study Online; or using USB
  • 150 hours study where and when you want, from anywhere in the world, and complete the course as fast or slow as best suits you

This course provides a route to employment in professional horticulture by assessing knowledge of the scientific principles and underpinning horticultural practices, and supports career development for those already working in the profession. It also provides a foundation for further learning or training in the field of horticulture.


There are no prerequisites required for entry into this course.

Foundation Diploma in Plant Varieties

Plant Varieties qualification - study by distance learning - the smart choice for career development in Horticulture.

Many people work with plants, but never really get to know them well. Some are gardeners, others may be planners, architects, engineers, developers, builders, fertiliser salesmen or something else.

Being able to identify and successfully work with thousands of different plants is and always has been a valued attribute.

This course can help you be that type of plantsman.