Sales Skills for Garden Centre Staff

Course CodeSGB7
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

Improve your Sales Skills or those of your staff!

  • 20-hour online course
  • written in conjunction with Garden Centres of Australia

Learn the art of selling - understanding that a more professional approach to selling is the key to improved sales in today’s competitive environment.

Lesson Structure

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Presentation, Personality and Communication in Selling
    • Personality, Self-Awareness and Attitude
    • Types of Shoppers
    • Communication, Active Listening and Conversation Selling
    • Communicating Confidence
    • Trends in Garden Centre Customers
  2. Helping the Product Sell Itself
    • Merchandising and Displays
    • Signs
    • How Customers Pay
    • Garden Centre Products and Services
  3. Product Knowledge
    • What is Product Knowledge?
    • Knowing your competition
    • Marketing For Garden Centres and Nurseries
    • Mark Ups in Garden Centres – What to Charge
    • What is a ‘Reasonable’ Mark Up?
  4. Selling Made Simple
    • Introduction - The selling process
    • Steps in Sales
    • Using Language to Promote Sales
    • Creating Logical Sentences
    • Reduce Confusion in Your Sales Approach
  5. The Opening - Gaining Customer Attention
    • Introduction
    • Timing and Opening a Sale
  6. Closing a Sale (COS)
    • Add-On Sales/Upselling
  7. The Law and Selling
    • Ethics and Selling
    • Ethics in Sales
    • Guidelines for Ethical Marketing and Selling
  8. Gaining and Keeping Customers
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Promotions
    • Measuring Success