Diploma in Applied Science

Course CodeVSC002
Fee CodeDI
Duration (approx)2100 hours

Study Applied Science from Home

A unique ACS course designed for people wishing to work or already working in science related jobs that want to further their knowledge and understanding in sciences, to improve employment opportunities and further your professional career. Also, this course provides an achievable step towards a career you want, as an opportunity to test the water before committing to higher qualifications.

The 2100hr learning bundle recommends the completion of 20 modules, including Research I and II, plus 100 hr of industry meetings.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Diploma in Applied Science.
 Biochemistry I - Plants BSC102
 Botany I BSC104
 Cell Biology BSC110
 Horticultural Research A BHT118
 Vertebrate Zoology BEN104
 Workshop I BGN103
 Genetics BSC207
 Invertebrate Animals BEN218
 Physics BSC206
 Professional Practice for Consultants BBS301
 Statistics BSC304
 Plant Taxonomy (Short Course) SGH9
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 10 of the following 18 modules.
 Alternative Energy VSS102
 Applied Electronics BSC113
 Mechanics BSS102
 Biochemistry II BSC203
 Botany II BSC204
 Climate Science BSC208
 Horticultural Research B BHT241
 Microbiology BSC209
 Plant Breeding BHT236
 Project Management BBS201
 Seed Propagation BHT237
 Waste Management BEN202
 Biochemistry III (Plant Processes) BSC302
 Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
 Environmental Chemistry BSC306
 Plant Ecology BSC305
 Soil and Water Chemistry BSC307
 Tissue Culture BHT306

Note that each module in the Diploma in Applied Science is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.



Science and Technology is the future.

The things you learn in this course can provide an excellent foundation to start on a lifelong career path in science - particularly life sciences.

Whether you choose to be self employed or follow another path in your career; this is an excellent starting point.

It is important to find your own niche though; so as you study; take notice of what interests you, seize on opportunities that come your way and take every opportunity you encounter, to learn, gain experience and build your network of contacts.

Employment Opportunities

Getting a job in today's world is determined not only by the sort of qualification you have, but also your personality, presentation, attitude, experience, interests, and ability to adapt to new challenges.

With this study program in Applied Science, you are better prepared to enter a science oriented workplace, learn faster on the job, and become a more useful employee within a shorter period of time.

There are in fact fewer jobs today (per capita) that require a degree than there were in the past. Despite this, today more than in the past, employers do tend to seek certain specific knowledge and skills in employees.

What do Employers Think?

A qualification that has required hard work to attain will be an indication to an employer that you have a certain level of drive and commitment.

An understanding of the industry and discipline which the job encompasses will indicate that you are more likely to learn faster and become useful to the employer sooner. We design our courses with these things in mind.

Smaller learning programs are generally going to lead you to being an assistant of some kind. Whilst it varies, assistants in the field of science might become employed as laboratory assistants and technical assistants.

More comprehensive learning programs like this, generally offer the possibility of a position of greater responsibility (although some graduates might never move beyond an assistant position).

People with 1500 hour learning bundle might become Technical Officers, Technical Advisers, Freelance Consultants (in some fields), and Technical Sales Managers.


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