Aucuba japonica


Japanese Laurel

This dioecious, evergreen shrub grows to 2 metres in height, and has a spread of 1 to 1.5 metres. Only female plants will bear fruit.


This ornamental is useful for providing colour and foliage in heavy shade.


A colourful shrub which grows in partial to full shade. It prefers a reasonably fertile, moist soil and is frost resistant but drought tender. Aucubas are cool climate plants, but they do suffer from frost burn if the temperature drops below minus 5 Degrees Celsius. To propagate, take semi hardwood cuttings in the Autumn.


Cuttings in spring.


Many cultivars available including the following popular types:

'Crotonifolia': Distinctive yellow and green speckled foliage.

'Picturata': Dark green leaves with striking gold centres.

'Rozannie': Lance shaped glossy green leaves.

'Sulphura Marginata': Mid green foliage with gold/sulphur markings.

'Variegata': Dense glossy foliage with yellow splatters

Plant Health

Blackening leaf tips - thought to be caused by water-logged soils but phytophthora root rot may also be the culprit. Dried leaves and leaf margins caused by too much sun exposure.

More info

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