Artemisia alba


Camphor Wormwood

Herbaceous small shrub approx 1m by 1m. Grey/green feathery leaves. Yellow flowers.


Ornamental shrub suitable for cottage gardens. Aromatic foliage.


A hardy plant, it requires full sun and prefers well drained soil. Tolerant of drought and frost. Can be lightly pruned after flowering.


Propagate from cuttings in summer or division in spring or autumn.


'Canescens':  a semi-evergreen, bushy, sub-shrub to 50cm tall, leaves are much-dissected and silvery-grey. Flower heads  are yellow,  and insignificant.

Plant Health

Generally pest and disease free.

More info

Book: ‘Herb Gardens’ by The Royal Horticultural Society is available through Plant Identification, Landscape Design and Home Garden Expert courses are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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