Salvia officinalis



Native to the Mediterranean, sage is a short-lived perennial or sub-shrub approx 75cm high by 100cm wide. Leaves are hirsute, opposite, grey-green and ovoid. Flowers are short blue-mauve racemes occuring on upright spikes in summer. There are many varieties featuring coloured and vaiegated foliage, and larger or more brightly coloured flowers.


Widely used as a culinary herb, many varieties are also grown as ornamental sub-shrubs. Also used in herbal medicines.


Prefers full sun, a temperate climate and well-drained, fertile soil with adequate water in summer. Frost tolerant. Propagate by seed in spring, cuttings in summer, or by layering.


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Contains high levels of camphor in oil, which is toxic; so do not over use.

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