Ocimum basilicum



Annual herb 0.3m high by 0.3m wide. Aromatic leaves are light green and oval. Stems are upright and rectangular. Small white flowers appear in whorls on spikes in late summer/autumn. Seeds are small and black.


An edible herb, it is widely used in a range of dishes. Best used fresh, it can also be dried or frozen.


Prefers full sun and a warm, protected position. Does best in fertile, well-drained soils that are kept moist. Frost and drought sensitive. Remove growing tips to prevent plant from going to seed. Propagate from seed in spring. Protect from snails and chewing insects.


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Book: ‘Herb Gardens’ by The Royal Horticultural Society is available through http://www.acsgarden.com/shop/ Video: ‘Herb Identification: Getting to Know’ produced by Australian Correspondence Schools is available through http://www.acsgarden.com/shop/ Courses on Herbs are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see http://www.acs.edu.au/hort

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