Cotton Palm

Large palms with fan shaped leaves, spinose teeth along leaf margin


Garden specimens and street trees.

Tub plant in a sunny spot. Best in deep pots because it has a deep root system.


Occur naturally in arid climates; generally tolerate both hot and cold climates and grow better than many palms in temperate areas.

Likes full sun and a well drained soil.


Seed germinates in around 2 months.


Only two species:

W. filifera (American Cotton Palm). Thick grey trunk to 15m, fronds 1.5m diameter; retains old leaves to give a “petticoat” effect. Tolerates drought, heat and frost.

W. robusta (Cotton Palm). Brown trunk to 35m, fronds to 2.5m diameter; fan leaves with thorns. Popular palm but not considered as hardy as W. filifera.

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From Mexico and southern USA.

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