Fan Palm

Fan leaves


Landscape feature, can be grown in mild temperate or tropical climates.

Grown in tubs and also as indoor plants.


Relatively hardy once established. Tropical species need protection when young.


Seed takes six weeks to germinate.


Twenty eight species including:

L. australia (Cabbage Tree Palm). Natural distribution in moist forests from eastern Victoria to north of Brisbane. Ringed dark trunk to 20m, topped by heavily divided fan leaves. The hardiest species in the genus, especially to frosts.

L. chinensis (Chinese Fan Palm). Most common fan palm in cultivation. Broad trunk to 18m, dark-grey fruits. Frost hardy.

L. decipiens (Weeping Cabbage Palm). Occurs in central costs, Queensland. Similar in appearance to L.    australis; fan leaves are longer, more divided and drooping, small trunk. Frost hardy.

L. mariae (Central Australian Fan Palm). Natural distribution is limited to the MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs. Trunk is 15-20m, topped by a crown of long silvery-green leaves.

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Relatively hardy

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Indigenous to Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, India and North East Africa

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