Gazania or Treasure Flower

Hardy colourful, low growing, clump-forming perennials; plants are usually evergreen and have lance shaped narrow, downy leaves with silvery undersides. Flowers are daisies, showy with many colours available, some with interesting markings, but best known for their yellow and orange flowers that bloom in: late spring, summer and early autumn.


On embankments and other slopes, cottage gardens, in pots, Mediterranean gardens, border edges, coastal gardens, gravel gardens.


Temperate or tropical climates, frost tender, they prefer good drainage and better plants are grown on humus soils (although they will withstand poor soil conditions). They like full sun provided the roots are kept moist in hot weather. Frosts will burn and can be a problem – they are not frost tolerant and do not like wet conditions in winter.


Seed, division or basal cuttings.


Approximately 16 species of annuals and perennials including numerous hybrids and cultivars; they hybridise freely which makes correct naming difficult. Popular garden species include:
G. linearis; G.l. var. linearis, G.l. var. ovalis; ‘Colorado Gold’
G. rigens; G.r. uniflora, G.r. ‘Variegata’, ‘Daybreak’, ‘Pink’, ‘Sungold’, ‘Talent’
Gazania hybrid cultivars are numerous.

Plant Health

Few problems apart from occasional scale insects. Relatively heat, cold, dry and wet tolerant but can suffer in prolonged extreme adverse conditions.

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