Ajuga reptans


Bugle, Carpet Bugle Weed

Low spreading plant; leaves appear in whorls on narrow stems and may be a deep burgundy when young ageing to greenish burgundy/plum, or variegated purple/pink/green. Purple/blue, pink or white conical flowers appear in spring, arising from the axils of leaf bracts, on erect stems held above the foliage. Some are very showy.


Commonly an ornamental ground cover or border plant; fast growing/spreading ground cover used to cover poor ground or as a thick mat under shrubs. May spread if not contained.

Traditionally was used in herbal medicines. 


Generally a temperate climate plant. Will tolerate harsh conditions and make excellent ground covers on poor sites – will spread and some species may become invasive.


By separating self-rooted runners. Occasionally propagated from seed. 


Many mamed cultivars; mostly varying in foliage colour, including:

‘Atropurpurea’, ‘Baraunherz’, ‘Burgundy Glow’, ‘Burgundy Lace’ ‘Catlin’s Giant’ ‘Jungle Beauty’, ‘Jungle Bronze’  ‘Multicolour’, ‘Pink Elf’, Pink Surprise’, ‘Purple Torch’ ‘Toffee Chip’, and alba; var. rosea.

Plant Health

Not usually affected by health problems excepting for slugs and snails that may be a problem in damp conditions.

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