Arundina bambusifolia


Bamboo Orchid

Reed like stems with linear leaves give the plants a bamboo like appearance.

Can grow to 2 metres (6.6 feet) tall, and exhibit large flowers of variable markings. It flowers in summer with fragrant rose to crimson blossoms. An established clump under good conditions can produce sixty or more flower spikes each year. This species in fact probably encompasses a large number of naturally occurring hybrids, and as such classification has been confused, often being split into several genera.


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They must have a bright light, but direct hot sun can cause leaves to burn, turn yellow and drop. Keep these orchids moist all year while ensuring the plant has excellent drainage. A reasonable potting media is 3 parts organic loam to 1 part organic material such as compost or peat moss. Most Arundina prefer temperature conditions similar to Phalaenopsis. They will grow in pots, but generally do better in the ground and undisturbed.
They respond to organic or slow release artificial fertilisers.


Propagate by dividing mature plants (avoid disturbing young plants).


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syn A. graminifolia, A. densa

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