Murraya species


Mock Orange, Orange Jessamine

Shrubs or trees with scented flowers and/or foliage, large, solitary, or in axils, or in terminal clusters. Mainly white in colour. Some may bloom several times a year.


Shrub, windbreak, hedging


Prefers rich, moist, slightly acid soils. Prefers tropical conditions, but is hardy and adaptable. Full sun preferred, but will succeed in part shade.
Keep soil moist in active growing seasons, prune as required to keep shape


Propagate from seed or cuttings -more commonly cuttings.


4 species, including:

M. koenigii (Curry Leaf Tree)
A small tree with white flowers and strongly scented leaves, which are used as an additive in Indian curries.

M. paniculata
(Syn. M. exotica).A fast growing evergreen shrub to 3.5m, with white fragrant flowers. Red ovoid fruit. Glossy oval leaflets 7cm long.

M. paniculata var. ovatifoliolata (Native Murraya)
A small shrub ranging from 1m to a small tree to 5m with scented white flowers followed by orange-red egg-shaped berries in late autumn. Leaflets increase in size away from the stem.

Plant Health

Scale, leaf minor and sooty mould can be a problem - use white oil.

More info

Transplants easily.

Scent can be overpowering and cause sinus problems for many people.

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