Cocculus species


Coral Beads, Red Berried Moon Seed

Climbers and shrubs, few species. Flowers have 6 petals. Colourful berries.


Some are medicinal plants, some are highly toxic.


Part shade and sheltered position. Average soils and drainage.


Ripe seed; root cuttings in late winter, or semi hardwood stem cuttings


Cultivated species include:

C. carolinus - Deciduous climber to 4 metres tall with red fruit, from southern USA.

C. indicus - Indian Cockle is a medicinal plant

C. orbiculus - Deciduous climber to 4 metres, native to Hawaii, leaves sometimes cooked and eaten.

C. trilobus - From East Asia, similar in appearance to C. carolinus, but flowers and fruits in smaller bunches.


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Mostly indigenous to tropical areas -from North America, Asia and Africa

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