Campsis radicans


Trumpet Vine, Cow Itch Vine

Deciduous, self-clinging vines. Pinnate serrated dark green leaves. Funnel like large orange flowers with a yellowish throat up to 10 cm long occur in trusses in the summer months. This plant is very vigorous and can quickly cover a fence or building, growing as tall as 10 metres.


Covering unsightly buildings, screening, training onto a wire fence as a quick deciduous climber


Best on fertile soil. Grown mostly in areas from sub tropics to mild temperate climates. Will grow in places with cool summers, but needs a warm place in the garden to flower reliably in such places (eg. A south facing wall in the UK). Sensitive to frost.


Hardwood cuttings, Layering, or from suckers.  This plant can readily form layers in rich loamy soil and spread quickly. Root cuttings under glass may succeed in spring.


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Plant Health

This plant is relatively pest free and attractive to nectar feeding birds. Touching the plant can cause allergic skin reactions.

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Indigenous to USA and Canada.

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