Foeniculum vulgare



A hardy perennial, which will die back to the roots in cooler areas, and regrow in spring. It has feathery green or purple foliage with an aniseed scent. Flowers are small, yellow and arranged in large heads 8-15cm in diameter. 


The leaves are used to give an aniseed taste to savoury dishes, and are sometimes used as a garnish. The strong flavoured seeds are used in pickling.
The plant can also be used as a dye or flea repellent.


Prefers a rich, moist, alkaline, well-drained soil, but is very adaptable. Another variety of this species (F. vulgare dulce) is grown as a commercial crop.
Remove flowers before seed drops if you want to control its spread.

Companion Planting:

  • Do not plant fennel with beans or tomatoes.
  • Some say many plants dislike fennel. It can be vigorous, self-seed and being tall competes strongly with many vegetables, flowers and other plants.  It may be best grown in a tub.
  • Fennel does not like being planted near wormwood.
  • Fennel grows well beside dill or mint.


By seed in mid to late spring. Self-sows quite readily.


Purple and green leaved forms.

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Few problems

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