Daphne cneorum


Garland Flower

An evergreen, low-growing shrub to 30cm tall. Terminal clusters of fragrant pink, rose-red or white flowers in spring, and sometimes autumn, on low spreading branches; and narrow leaves to 1 - 2.5cm long.


Excellent rockery plant


Most Daphne varieties prefer a moist, acid, but well drained, light, organic soil. Compost or peat can be incorporated into the soil prior to planting. Regular mulching with well-rotted compost or maures is beneficial. Daphne tend to be shallow rooted, and they may need to be staked to avoid damage from wind. Avoid cultivation around the roots. Best in part shade or filtered sunlight.


Semi hardwood stem cuttings


Cultivars include:
D.C. "Albo-marginata" has variegated leaves.
D.C. "Eximia" has large dark-pink flowers.
D.C. "Major" has larger leaves.
D.C. Var. pygmea is a prostrate compact form with leaves to 1cm long.
D.C. Var. pygmea "Alba" has white flowers.

Plant Health

Iron deficiency, viruses, sucking insects, sooty mould.

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