Sansevieria trifasciata


Mother In Laws Tongue

Underground rhizome produces erect stiff leaves. Foliage most commonly 30-80cm tall, and often variegated in cultivated species.


Greenhouse or indoor plant; in small pots, to large tubs. Can be grown in ground in warm or mild climates.


Hardy in a wide variety of conditions; once established, tolerates dry periods, but will establish better in a moist, fertile and freely draining soil. Prune or thin out freely to control spread.


Division or leaf cuttings


Several named varieties with different leaf colourings and heights (up to 1m tall).

Plant Health

Susceptible to root rots in cooler conditions (roots should be kept drier as weather gets cooler). Can suffer scale and some other insects, but generally relatively few pests.

More info

A weed in some places.

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