Philodendron cultivars



There are two main types. These are firstly the climbing/sprawling plants, and secondly the non-climbers. 


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Some tolerate lower temperatures, but its generally best to avoid temperatures below 12 degrees celsius, and to avoid direct sunlight. They prefer moist, well mulched soils. Water freely in hot weather. 


Cuttings, division, layering


There are many named cultivars grown, including:P. bipinnatifidum  Dark green, divided, very large leaves, to 1 metre
P. Evansii  Crinkled, to 1 metre long, light green,to 2 metres
(NB: P. Evansii is actually a hybrid of P. selloum and P. speciosum)
P. gloriosum  Heart shaped, silver-green with pink margins, face creeper 
P. pinnatifidum  Metallic green, divided, spotted stalks, tree-like
P. selloum  Deeply divided, dark green, wavy edge, to 3 metres
P. wendlandii  Elongated lanceolate, dark green, to 1 metre

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