Heuchera species and hybrids


Coral Bells

These are low-growing evergreen plants with densely clumped basal kidney-shaped, toothed foliage on wiry stalks. The flowers with 5 petals appear in late spring, summer and autumn on branching stems. Sometimes flowers appear without petals.


Perennial borders, rockeries, edging plants, rockeries, medicinal plant.


They are hardy plants that are adaptable to many garden situations in full sun to part shade but prefer moist, fertile well-drained soils. Remove faded flowers.


They may be grown by division between autumn and spring, or sow fresh seeds in spring and plant out seedlings in the autumn.


There are many different cultivars; including around 55 species and hundreds of named hybrids and varieties.

H. americana; ‘Bartram’, ‘Blackout’, ‘Care’, ‘Chocolate Veil’, ‘Dale’s Strain’, ‘Garnet’, ‘Green Spice’, ‘Lace Ruffles’, ‘Marvellous Marble’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Velvet Night’

H x brizoides; includes Bressingham hybrids; ‘Chatterbox’, ‘Bressingham White’, ‘Leuchtkafer’, ‘Freedom’, ‘June Bride’

H. micrantha; H.m. var. diversifolia ‘Palace Purple’

H. sanguinea - to 30-45cm tall x 45cm spread with dark green rounded to heart-shaped leaves and crimson bell-shaped flowers. There are many superior hybrids including: ‘Alba’, ‘Brandon Pink’, ‘Monet’, ‘Northern Fire’, ‘Ruby Bells’, ‘Silver Veil’, ‘Singham’, ‘Snow Storm’, ‘Splendens’, ‘Virginalis’

H. villosa; ‘Bronze Wave’, H.v. var. arkansana

Heuchera hybrid cultivars include: ‘Amber Waves’, ‘Autumn Haze’, ‘Brownies’, ‘Caramel, ‘Citronelle’, ‘Chocolate Ruffles’, ‘Fireglow’, ‘Frosted Violet’, ‘Georgia Peach’, ‘Mint Frost’, ‘Paris’, ‘Persian Carpet’, ‘Petite Marble’, ‘Pewter Moon’, ‘Plum Pudding’, ‘Purple Petticoats’, ‘Red Spangles’ ‘Snow Angel’, ’Southern Comfort’, ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Velvet Night’, ‘Wendy’.

Plant Health

They are relatively free from most pests and diseases, although in recent years rust has become a problem.

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