Archontophoenix alexandrae


Alexander Palm

Tall, graceful palm to 30m with a smooth, solitary trunk with noticeable leaf scars and 30cm in diameter; the crown spreads approximately 2m or slightly more. The leaves are compound 3-4m long (made up of many pinnae); stiffly pinnate bright green feathery fronds have silvery undersides. Creamy flower stalks hold purple flowers which appear below the crown shaft. Roundish fruit turns bright red at maturity. 



Popular indoor plant - outdoors in a rainforest garden in the sub-tropics and tropics.


Part shade or full sun in moist soils. Must be sheltered from full sun when young and first planted.

Will handle drought upon establishment but grow best with regular watering; mulch (kept well away from the trunk to prevent collar rot) to retain moisture. Use a low nitrogen,  organic fertiliser in spring;  tolerate cold conditions but not frost.




None listed.

Plant Health

Palm leaf beetles are a serious pest of this species also prone to spider mites; Indoor plants are prone to mealy bugs.

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