Daucus carota



Biennial edible herb, usually grown as an annual. Leaves to 1m (3 feet). Flowers in umbells, with pinnately cut leaf-like bracts. The fleshy, thickened orange roots are edible.


Carrots are harvested after 11-15 weeks or they can be lifted any time during the growing cycle. Can be eaten raw, boiled, baked or frozen. Vegetable.


Preferring full sun, some varieties can be grown in most areas all year round. Requires deep, well-drained, light soil. Apply an all purpose fertiliser before planting, but avoid strong manures. Once established, minimise nitrogen, but supply good levels of phosphorous and potassium. Maintain soil pH between 6.0-6.5 Sow from seed and thin seedlings as they appear. http://osu.orst.edu/Dept/NWREC/carrot-w.html


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