Peperomia caperata


Emerald ripple

Evergreen, herbaceous perennial to 15cm high and wide. The ovate, wrinkled, dark green leaves are 5cm long with recessed veins. Spikes of white flowers appear irregularly.


Perennial with ornamental leaves that is best grown in pots near a well-lit window.


Grow in a brightly lit position in semi-shade. Suitable for tropical and sub-tropical climates, it is grown as an indoor plant in cooler areas. Prefers moist, weel-drained soil and humidity during the warmer months. Frost sensitive. Avoid wetting foliage when watering. Repot annually. Propagate by cuttings in spring amd summer. Susceptible to mealybugs and two-spotted mite.


Leaf cuttings -a single leaf planted with 50% below surface of a very freely draining popagating media; or even part of a leaf. The cutting must contain a significant leaf vein.


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