Alyssum maritimum


Sweet Alice

Also known as Lobularia maritimum. Fast-growing, spreading annual to 15cm high by 30cm wide. Leaves are small, grey-green and lanceolate. Round heads of tiny white flowers occur in summer-autumn.


Flowering annual suitable for cottage gardens and as a bedding plant.


Prefers full sun and a cool or temperate climate. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil, but will grow in crevices and between paving. Frost tolerant. Dead head to encourage flowers.


Propagate from seed. Self-seeds readily.


Many cultivars available in purple, pinks and white including the more popular:

'Carpet of Snow': A popular white variety.

'Easter Bonnet Violet': Deep violet coloured flowers.

'Oriental Nights': Deep purple/violet.



Plant Health

Usually pests and disease free but can be prone to root rot in poorly drained soils and leaf spot.

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