Adiantum raddianum


Delta maidenhair

Rhizomatous fern with a height and width of 30-45cm. Vigorous arching or pendulous fronds with purple-black stems supporting pale green and fan-shaped leaves.


Suitable for outdoors in a warm, moist and sheltered position, or as an indoor pot plant in a warm, moist position such as a bathroom.


Suitable for mild and warm climates, it grows well in semi-shaded and shaded positions. The soil or potting mix should be rich in organic matter, well-drained and kept moist. Frost sensitive. Remove dead fronds in autumn.


Propagate from spores or by division.


'Fragrantissimum' syn. 'Fragrans'


Plant Health

Aphids, Mealy Bugs and Scale.

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Courses on growing Ferns are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see Book: ‘Growing Ferns’ by John Mason is available through Video: ‘Identifying Tropical Plants’ produced by Australian Correspondence Schools is available through

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