Agrostis capillaris


Bent Grass, Browntop

Vigorous, perennial, tuft-forming grass with a low growth habit. Fine-textured leaves. If not mown, will grow to approx 30cm high, producing inflorescences of tiny seeds in autumn.


Hard-wearing and high maintenance lawn grass for cooler climates and high elevations. Suitable for bowling greens and golf courses.


Also known as A. tenuis, it prefers full sun or light shade, and a cool or temperate climate. It grows best in well-aerated, well-drained, slightly acidic, fertile and moist soils. It is susceptible to drought. Used as a lawn grass, it should be mown frequently and can be kept very short.


Susceptible to fungal diseases such as brown spot and dollar fungus.


Many cultivars available.

Plant Health

Propagate by seed.

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