Agonis flexuosa


Willow Myrtle

Australian native plant. Small to medium tree, 8m+ tall with a spreading canopy, pendulous branches and peppermint-scented narrow leaves. Small white 5-petalled flowers with a slight fragrance in spring-summer. Moderate growth rate. New cultivars available, including dwarf varieties and varieties with dark burgundy foliage.


Good shade tree; popular in native gardens; tolerates coastal conditions; foliage used as a filler in cut flower arrangements. Dwarf cultivars make good tub specimens.


Adaptable plant that prefers moist, well-drained soil; also tolerates dry conditions and heavy wet soils. Tolerates light frosts but must be protected when young. Prune annually to maintain shape.


The species propagates easily from seed (no pre-germination treatments). Cuttings are also possible but take some time to produce roots.

Cultivars must be propagated by cuttings.


'After Dark': Beautiful specimen with dark purple foliage; 6m tall by 4m spread.

'Lemon and Lime': Dense, weeping tree with lime green foliage to 8m tall with a similar spread.

'Nana': Weeping, dwarf form to 2m by 2m.

'Variegata': Yellow variegated, drooping foliage; 10m by 4m.

'Weeping Wonder': A fine leaf form 2m x 2m


Plant Health

Susceptible to Phytophthora, Root Rot and Myrtle Rust.

More info

Book: ‘The Native Plant Expert’ by John Mason is available through Video: ‘Australian Native Plants’ produced by Australian Correspondence Schools is available through Landscape Design and Home Garden Expert courses are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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