Clematis montana


Anemone clematis

This vigorous, deciduous species from the Himalayas can reach heights of 9 m or more. It bears prolific, sweetly perfumed, white, pink, or purple star shaped flowers with yellow stamens in clusters in late spring. mid to purplish green, divided into 3 leaflets with serrated margins and pointed tips.


Fast growing and very frost hardy, it is ideal for quickly covering a small shed or wall.


The most important requirement for most Clematis is a well-drained, humus -rich, permanently cool soil with good moisture retention. Plants like to climb up to the sun with their roots in the shade. Prune old twiggy growth in spring, and prune hard after flowering. Common pests and diseases include aphids, mildew, and clematis wilt. Propagate from cuttings or by layering in summer.


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