Hedera helix


Ivy, English Ivy

Fast-growing evergreen creeper or groundcover that produces aerial roots from the stems, allowing it to grow on most surfaces. The leaves are variable in shape and colour depending upon the variety. Usually grown for its foliage, the flowers are green-white umbels that form black fruit.


Suitable as a creeper or groundcover in places where most other plants cannot survive, it can also be come invasive, with the roots damaging timber and masonry. Also suitable for growing in pots and indoors.


Very hardy plant in cool and temperate climates. Ivy is adaptable to full sun or shade and will grow in poor soils and on most types of support. Tolerating frost and drought, it can also be grown indoors. Prune frequently to encourage new growth and prevent stems becoming invasive. Propagate by cuttings or layering.


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