Cynara scolymus


Globe Artichoke

Herbaceous perennial, to 1.8m (6 feet) tall, Looks like a thistle but leaves spineless, Purple to blueish flowers, edible heads (immature flower buds) are made up of large bracts.


Harvest the swollen buds late autumn to late spring -continuously on strong plants. Harvest before flowers open when buds are 5-10cm in diameter. All above ground parts can be boiled and eaten, though the base of the scales (which can also be eaten raw) are the tender part which are normally eaten. Vegetable. Can also be pickled.


Temperate climate: prefers cool moist conditions in a frost free environment. Hot dry weather deters strong shoots and flower buds Adaptable but prefers fertile & well drained soil Responds to feeding, particularly nitrogen fertilisers. Water stress causes loose flower buds Pests include rodents, snails, slugs, nematodes, aphis, caterpillars and leaf miners. Diseases include fusarium, botrytis and virus.


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