Crataegus monogyna


Hawthorn, May

Small deciduous tree growing up to 8m high by 3m wide, typically less in cultivation where it is usually grown as a hedge. Spines appear on stems during summer growth. Leaves are green with 5-7 lobes, turning yellow in autumn. The single flowers are white, appearing in spring. The fruit are dark red pomes that remain on the tree into winter.


Commonly cultivated in Northern Europe as a prickly hedgerow, it can also be grown as a specimen tree for its spring flowers and autumn foliage.


Hawthorns prefers full sun and a cool climate, but will tolerate a range of soil conditions, including waterlogging. Frost and drought tolerant. Can be pruned to form a hedge. Propagate by stratified seed or grafting of cultivars. Susceptible to fireblight and the larvae of the sawfly.


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