Coral Pea, Coral Vine

Creepers, some climbers; non-suckering. Red, pink or purple pea flowers. Leaves generally divided (similar to clover) into three parts. Growth: Very rapid growing.


Garden plants, climbers, creepers, sometimes container plants.


Generally adaptable, preferring full or filtered sun (not heavy shade).
Respond to moist, mulched soil. Adapt to most soil types provided not waterlogged.


Normally propagate by seed, though cuttings have been successful on some species. 


Cultivated species include:

K. beckxiana Climber or ground cover, to 4m spread, pink scarlet flowers with green blotch in throat, green leaves.

K. coccinea Climber or ground cover, to 3m spread, red flowers with yellowish throat, dull green leaves

K. microphylla Small leaves, creeper to 0.6m spread, brick red pea flowers in spring. 

K. prostrata Creeper to 2.5m diameter, blue green leaves, bright red (Running Postman) flowers mainly spring.

K. nigricans     Vigorous climber or creeper to 5m or more spread, large black and yellow pea flowers in winter and spring, one of the hardiest and most rampant species

K. rubicunda (Dusky Coral Pea) As vigorous and hardy as K. nigricans, but slightly smaller leaves and red flowers.

Plant Health

Frost hardiness and drought tolerance varies between species.
Various insect pests can be a problem occasionally.

More info

Fifteen species (All Australian); occurring across wide variety of soils and climates across all states. 

Lifespan: Often short lived (3 4 years). If they live longer, they often become leggy.

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