Ckimbers, ramblers or small shrubs; with sprawling and twining growth, upright shrubby forms also available.
Foliage: Trifoliate (Leaf divided into three). Generally mauve (some white or deeper purple) pea shaped flowers in spring.


Garden plant, container plant, ground cover or climber.


Can be very fast, but not always.

Do not tolerate waterlogging

Adapts to most soils

Prefer filtered sun, not too dark or light


Propagates easily from hot water treated seed
Superior forms such as H. Happy Wanderer are grown by cuttings in a heated propagation bed


Cultivars include:

H. comptoniana   (Native Wisteria)   Normally a creeper, leaves in groups of three, blue or purple flowers in spring, best in well drained soil.

H. violacea  (False Sarsparilla)    Larger leaves, not in threes but single, climber, creeper or small shrub about 1 X 1m, white, pink, mauve or purple flowers.

H. Happy Wanderer A vigorous, excellent flowering form of H. violacea


Plant Health

Some frost sensitive, others not - depending on where they naturally occur. Occasional insects but rarely a big problem. Few pests apart from grubs attacking seed

More info

Medium to long lived.

There are 3 species and a number of cultivars; occurring naturally in sclerophyll forests