Eucalyptus pauciflora


Snow Gum, White Sallee, Ghost Gum, Weeping Gum

A highly variable species sometimes growing less than 2 metres, but also sometimes growing to 12m tall with a 5-7m spread, it has smooth bark in green, grey or cream with glossy red juvenile branches. Leaves are broadly linear but curving, thick, waxy, glossy and bluish/green; stunning white flower appear in October through to January.


Some cultivars can be stunning ornamental trees, street tree for parks and gardens – gum-nuts are used in floral displays and craft work. This species is also useful as windbreaks for shade and for timber products such as fence posts, in honey production and also for its medicinal properties.


Slow growing species in its first few years – responds best to cool conditions, withstanding ice and snow. Soils should be well drained; it will grow on shallow rocky soils but also in coastal regions where it grows more upright than it does in cold regions. 




E.p. subsp. niphophila (Syn. E. niphophila, Syn. E.p.subsp. alpina)

E. p. subsp. debeuzwviller 

E.p ‘Little Snowman’ small ornamental cultivar.

E.p. subsp. parvifructa

Plant Health

Generally pest and disease free. 

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