Cymbopogon citratus


Lemon Grass

A semi-hardy clump forming grass to 1.8 m tall in warmer climates, but only to around 1 m tall in cooler temperate areas.


Leaves are used fresh or dry to make lemon grass tea, and may be harvested at any time of the year.  Large plants may be chopped back and the leaves used as a mulch.


Prefers full sun to light shade. Sensitive to frost, although it can survive milder frosts if well mulched with a bulky material (eg. straw). More suitable to sub-tropical and tropical areas.
Likes a moist, well drained, organic rich soil or compost. One or two applications of compost or manure each year is beneficial. Frequent water in the warmer months will promote rapid growth, although be careful to ensure good drainage. It can tolerate occasional drought in winter. It needs protection from extreme cold in cooler climates (can be grown indoors for some time). May be cut back hard or divided at the end of winter to allow fresh shoots to grow freely.


Easily propagated by dividing clumps.


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Plant Health

Few problems. Sometimes affected by rust or root rots in moist conditions. Occasionally attacked by chewing insects including grasshoppers.

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