Bambusa species



Note: There are many other genera that are also known as "bamboo".

Clumping bamboo with a branching habit, culms (stems) are usually green, but not always. Height varies up to 15m tall; in cooler areas culms may be produced later in summer.

Stems are woody and growth habit can be either erect or climbing. Leaves have a short petiole, Leaf blade is articulated with a sheath


Ornamental, sprouts of some species are edible.


Best suited to tropics and subtropics, but some species are hardy into temperate zones; they like full or filtered sun and need little attention apart from thinning out to control spread.


Propagated by division, layering or stem cuttings; carried out in spring.


Over 130 species and many varieties available including:

Bambusa albo-striata

Bambusa chungii

Bambusa eutuldoides vittata

Bambusa multiplex (syn. B. glaucescens): clumping bamboo to 8metres tall from China; several cultivars are grown with varying heights and foliage colours. It is sometimes grown as a tub plant; hardy to minus 13 degrees Celsius.

Bambusa oldhami.

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This genus has around 100 species; most from tropical and sub-tropical Asia; with a few from Central and South America.

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