Eucalyptus gunnii


Cider Gum

Evergreen upright tree to 20m high by 5m wide. Juvenile leaves are silver, opposite and round. Mature leaves are olive green, alternate and lanceolate. Smooth red-brown ark is shed annually to reveal white bark. Flowers buds are yellow. Flowers are white in summer. Fruit are yellow-brown and cup shaped.


Specimen tree for parks and larger gardens.


Prefers full sun, cool temperatures and well-drained soil. Frost resistant and drought sensitive. Propagate by seed.


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Plant Health

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Book: ‘The Native Plant Expert’ by John Mason is available through Videos: ‘Australian Native Plants’ and ‘Australian Native Flowering Plants’ produced by Australian Correspondence Schools available through Courses on Australian Natives and Landscape Design are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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