Phaseolus multiflorus


Scarlet Runner Bean

Climbing perennial with edible fruit, usually grown as an annual. Broadly ovate leaves. Bright scarlet flowers. Fruit is a flattened pod, 10-30cm (4-12 inches) long.


Harvest 50-65 days after planting while still tender. Can be boiled, steamed, eaten fresh or frozen.


Prefers a warm climate in a position protected from winds. Requires a well drained soil that is kept moist, particularly during flowering. Will prosper when grown with carrots, but dislikes onions, garlic and related vegetables. In temperate climates, sow seed from November to January. Requires a low nitrogen fertiliser, otherwise excess foliage will reduce fruit yields. Can be attacked by mites, thrips and bean fly. Also suffers from mosaic virus, which can't be treated. Provide a trellis or other support.


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