Vocational Fee Schedule January 2013


Payment Plan

  Plan A Plan B Plan C
Short Courses (All In UK Pounds)
Fee Level 1 S1 100 £325 2 x £180  
Fee Level 2 S2 100 £325 2 x £180  
Fee Level 3 S3 100 £355 2 x £195  
Fee Level 4 S4 100 £355 2 x £195  
Certificate CT 600 - 700 £1220 2 x £660 4 x £360
Advanced Certificate AC 700 - 900 £1590 2 x £870 3 x £620
Associate Diploma AS 1500 £2810 2 x £1550 3 x £1100
Proficiency Award PA 500 £890 2 x £480 3 x £350
Diploma DI 2100 £3800 3 x £1390 6 x £750
Advanced Diploma AD 2400 £5450 3 x £1970 6 x £1020

Exam Fees: £27 per exam
Workshop Fees: Fee on Application
Research Projects: Fee on application
Workplace Projects: No Charge
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Submission: Minimum £40 for Certificates, minimum £60 for Diplomas.
To gain an official Statement of Attainment or to be awarded a qualification (i.e. Certificate, Diploma etc) successful completion of the exams is required. Exams are to be sat and paid for on completion of each module.

Payment Plan Options explained...

Option 1

Pay in full on enrolment at a discounted price.

Option 2

Short Courses (S1, S2, S3, S4)
You may pay in 2 parts; the first part when you enrol, the second part 60 days later.

Certificates (C1)
Option 1 : Pay in full on enrolment at a discounted price.
Option 2 : Pay each stage as you commence it.
Option 3 : Each stage can be paid in 2 parts. 1st payment on commencement of stage 1 & 2nd payment 60 days later, 3rd payment on commencement of stage 2 & 4th payment 60 days later

Other Qualifications (AC, PA, DI, AD)
Split fees into stages (as per the fees schedule)
Each stage is to be paid when you commence that part of the course. The payable fee for each stage may increase, depending on how long you take to move onto the next stage.


To Pass Any Module, you must satisfactorily complete all assignments and also pass an exam for that module. (Note: In a few instances, such as RHS courses and some of our stand alone 30 lesson certificates; the number of exams or requirements for passing may be a little different).

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