Take A Seat

Gardens are lovely places to walk through, but no garden is complete without somewhere to sit down, linger a while and enjoy the atmosphere. No matter whether you have a small or a large garden, you should make sure that there are adequate places to rest the legs.

Garden seats are far more than just resting places, they can also be visual features that make a statement and complete a garden scene in the same way that a fountain or statue does. If you’re buying a seat purely for comfort, it’s simply a matter of trying out a few different styles and seeing what feels best. However, if you stand back and observe the seat from a distance you may find that it will detract from the aesthetics rather than complement the garden. It is necessary to choose seating that fits the overall garden theme. For example, a seat made out of Red Gum logs would look far better in a bush garden than in a formal garden. Positioning your garden seats can also pose problems. Here are some suggestions as to where you may choose to place your seat:
  • Where you sit and talk to neighbours over the fence
  • Beside a pool or spa
  • Beside the barbeque
  • In outside eating and entertainment areas
  • Where you can observe the children playing
  • Beside the workshop or tool shed
  • In the veggie garden or other work area
  • Under a shady tree
  • Beneath a pergola or arbor
  • Beside a creek or water feature

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