Agronomy is the growing of broad-acre crops. These crops may be vegetables such as peas or beans, oil crops (e.g. sunflower, mint), seed (e.g.  lawn grass, pasture grass), grains (wheat or other cereals) or fibre crops (e.g. cotton, hemp).

Agronomic farmers grow these crops, usually on large acreages using machinery for cultivation, weed and pest control and harvesting the crop. Sometimes, high value agronomic crops may be grown on smaller acreages.
Agronomy is a huge part of global agriculture, and the sheer size of this industry means that many people are employed not only to actually farm these crops, but also to develop and supply the seed, fertilisers, machinery and chemicals needed to produce the crops.

Agronomists are employed both on and off farms; and include people with relatively little formal training who work in semi-skilled or manual labour jobs, through to highly skilled university trained professionals. To be successful as an agronomist, you do need to be prepared to go where the work is; and that is generally in rural areas. You should be prepared to relocate or change jobs if the industry changes. For example, during periods of prolonged drought in agronomic employment may decrease, but opportunities may increase in other countries at the same time. Crops are always needed, but where they are grown can shift from year to year.

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Every college offers something different.
•They all have different tutors, with varying qualifications and experiences.
•Some have higher course fees; but that could be because they offer more extensive support; while others may charge less but provide less services. Some may offer different payment plans to others.
•The style of teaching and learning; as well as the emphasis upon assessment and the way work is assessed can vary from one college to the next.

The following colleges also offer Agronomy courses developed and maintained by staff of ACS Distance Education.

Garden Design Academy -Loire Valley, France

Educational Academy -Essex, U.K

Academy of Distance Learning -Canterbury, England.

The best school for one person might not necessarily be the best for the next.  You need to look closely not only at what you want to study; but the people and services you will be working with; and then choose something you think will work for you.

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