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Amenity Horticulture I

Learn to manage amenity horticulture landscapes.
Amenity horticulture is concerned with using horticulture to create environments or facilities that are useful to man.
These include public spaces  (e.g. parks and sports grounds), commercial places (industrial estates and shopping centres), natural landscapes, home gardens, indoor environments and other spaces.  It does not include areas of horticulture that are primarily undertaken to produce a crop or product (such as fruit and vegetable growing or plant nursery production).

Amenity Horticulture II

Learn to manage private, commercial and public landscapes.
Managing amenity horticulture is akin to being an environmental manager, horticulturist and conservation officer all wrapped up in one.  This is an industry for the future; and one that will offer more chance of a sustainable career than many other types of careers. As climate change impacts more on this world; the need for better environmental management increases.
Who is this course for?
  • Professional development for people already working in horticulture, parks management, landscaping or environmental management
  • Graduates of horticulture, agriculture or environmental science, who seek to broaden their employability
  • People with management skills or experience who seek to relate those skills to managing amenity landscapes.

Business Operations


The purpose of this course is to provide you with the building blocks for a successful career in business planning and operations.  It covers topics such as business law, the money market, taxation, business plan writing and mistakes to avoid.  It is a solid foundation, developed by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

This is an extremely solid foundation course to develop skills and knowledge in various aspects of business operation and planning, needed to ensure success in business. This course does overlap with Business Studies and Starting a Small Business, so you should choose to do one or another, not ant two of these.

Industry Project I

This is a practical requirement for several certificate and diploma qualifications. In some qualifications this is only 100 hours.

In some instances, 200hrs or more may be required, in which case, you may undertake two separate projects, or one lone one.

This course is not taken alone. It is only taken as part of a larger qualification.

Industry Project II

This is a practical requirement for several certificate and diploma qualifications. In some qualifications this is only 100 hours, in others 200 or more.

This module is added to Industry Project I to create 200 hrs as required in some longer courses. Fees are normally covered by the certificate or diploma fee that this module relates to.



This course provides a very solid foundation for you to learn or enhance management skills.

Great managers get results!  They can apply their skills to many different areas and the career options are limitless.

Managing Events

Learn to Manage Events
Events can be a significant part of the horticultural calendar (eg. Garden Shows, Conferences, Festivals, Competitions, Product Launches). Consider the golf course superintendent who needs to deal with a major tournament, the cut flower grower who is organising an annual open day and charity event on their farm, or the park manager who organises a tree planting day for volunteers.

Marketing Foundations

Develop a Foundation in Marketing Methods.

Understand how products and services are promoted, sold and distributed; and along the way, gain skills that are highly prized in both private and public enterprise.

Marketing is the cornerstone of most modern businesses. Lack of marketing knowledge is frequently the reason why a good business concept does not succeed. This course deals with all aspects of marketing from presentation and packaging, to advertizing and selling, developing in you an acute awareness of what is needed to achieve and maintain a good market share.

Office Practices

Study office operations by distance learning. Improve your job and career prospects by gaining a greater understanding of how an office is run.

Develop your skills and knowledge in the operation of an office - improve your performance in managing an office, or improve your value as a potential employee working in an office.

Office work today is very different to what it was only a few years ago, having been changed dramatically by technology. This course doesn't make you an expert, but it does familiarize you with the nature and scope of equipment any procedures used in most modern offices, and in doing so lays a solid foundation for improving your performance in any capacity in managing or working in an office. 

Project Management

Learn to Manage Horticultural Projects

Gain a competitive edge in project management with this flexible, informative course.
Developing project management skills is valuable; these skills can be applied to all industries, and in all sorts of situations.
This course is just as relevant to a construction project as it is to managing a new product launch. It is best suited to someone who has some prior experience or training in management, but is also useful as an adjunct to management studies.

Supervision of Employees

Learn to Better Supervise Staff
Improve productivity, harmony and  sustainability of a workplace; by having staff who cooperate better, are more satisfied in their job, and are less likely to do things that could be disruptive to the business.
Being a supervisor or manager comes easier to some than others. Everyone can always improve their capacity to supervise staff though; and with a more conscious and contrived approach; problems can be largely avoided and productivity improved.

Waste Management

Learn to Manage Waste -household, commercial, garden, etc 
  • Learn how we manage sewage, household rubbish and toxic waste 
  • Understand options for street cleaning, pollution reduction and recycling
  • Explore the waste management industry and both business and employment opportunities it offers.

Wildlife Management

Study at home and learn by distance education to manage wildlife populations in the wild through conservation, habitat management, captive breeding and more.