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Brick, Stone and Concrete Masonry

Learn to work with hard landscape materials: stone, brick and concrete

Masonry can involve building anything from these materials from residential and commercial building to paths and walls. Through this course you will learn the characteristics of different materials, how to choose the right material for the purpose, and how to use that material to construct a viable structure that is fit for the intended purpose. 

Building Renovation

Making Home Improvements

Building renovation projects may be large or small, costly or expensive, complex or simple. All such projects should be carefully considered with respect to these issues before anything is ever done.

This course is designed to be of benefit to people who are interested in learning how to renovate buildings for themselves or in business. It will also be of value to those who are operating an existing property development business who would like to broaden their knowledge.



Carpentry Skills can give you a Real Advantage

  • Learn about working with wood in landscaping, building construction, furniture making, fencing or any other application. 
  • Learn how to make repairs or construct things from wood yourself rather than waiting and paying for a tradesman to do something you could have done faster and cheaper.
  • Improve your employability in the landscape industry with these added skills.

This course provides a balanced and broad understanding of woodwork by exploring the broad range of applications and in doing so, complements and enhances the development of your knowledge about carpentry.


Mudbrick Construction

Learn To Build Your House of Earth

If you've thought of building a mud brick building, this course can be an excellent starting point. Its very practical, with some hands on work to get you started helping you begin experimenting and planning ongoing projects - whether a modest garden wall, or more complex buildings.


Painting and Decorating

Study Painting and Decorating Online

  • Learn to apply appropriate surface treatments for walls and other surfaces in buildings, inside and out
  • Learn how to use painting tools, painting techniques and special effects.
  • Explore different types of paints used